SELECTED for National Open Art Competition

Relief, gratitude and joy - my painting 'Wayside I (Queen Anne's Lace)' has been selected for the 20th National Open Art Exhibition to be held in the heart of The City of London at the Mercers’ Hall. Huge thanks to the organisers and the judges and all who supported my work in the public vote. 

Cow parsley growing in the local churchyard – I traced the shadows of the intricate forms, almost like stitching, and the painting evolved, telling a detailed story of absence and recollection. 

Wayside I (Queen Anne's Lace)  2016, oil and acrylic on canvas, 44 x 44 cm (framed) 

Wayside I (Queen Anne's Lace) 2016, oil and acrylic on canvas, 44 x 44 cm (framed)