'Masterpieces - Art and East Anglia'

Today I drove through the wintery sunshine of Norfolk to meet an old friend at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich, and to visit the current exhibition 'Masterpieces - Art and East Anglia' (until 24 February). It is an intriguing collection of over 250 objects and images, the oldest incredibly dates c.700,000BC. Below are the things I most loved, in particular the photo-etchings by Peter Henry Emerson (1856-1936). There were some prints too by a Walter Clutterbuck but I cannot find any photos of these. The prints by Emerson and Clutterbuck have a storybook / detached quality that I found compelling, particularly because I have planned to learn the techniques of solar plate / photo polymer etching later this year.

Go and see this exhibition if you can!